Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil
Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil

Liquid Gold Hair Growth Oil

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Our Liquid Gold hair growth oil is made with 100% organic essential oils and ingredients. It’s made with:
Organic Tea tree oil
Organic rosemary oil
Organic Geranium oil
Organic Lavender oil
Organic Peppermint oil
And other all natural organic oils and ingredients.

Each essential oil aids in hair growth and hair health. Just to name a few, rosemary oil thickens hair and speeds up hair growth. Tea tree oil unclogs pores, which promotes hair growth. Peppermint oil stimulates hair growth, and also thickens hair. Geranium oil stimulates blood circulation under the scalp and regulates proper blood flow, which helps aid in hair growth and maintains the ph balance of the scalp. Lavender oil promotes blood circulation in the scalp, which also helps hair growth.